How to buy an electric wheelchair

In order to purchase a satisfactory electric wheelchair, we must first understand the structural composition of the electric wheelchair, that is, the five parts of the electric wheelchair (controller, motor, battery, electromagnetic brake and frame). Everyone explains:

1) Controller: The controller is the heart of the electric wheelchair. Currently, the electric wheelchair controllers on the market mainly include PG controllers, Danan Meike controllers and domestic controllers. Due to the large number of imported controllers, the stability of most domestic controllers has been greatly improved, and the advantages of imported controllers relative to domestic controllers are no longer obvious;

2) Motor (including gear box): Electric wheelchair motor is divided into two categories: brush motor and brush-less motor. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The brush motor needs to replace the carbon brush regularly, but the inertia during driving is very small; the brush-less motor requires no maintenance, but the speed is fast and has a slight inertia. The quality of the motor depends on the magnetic cylinder material and the coil material. So the price difference is there. When purchasing an electric wheelchair, you can compare the work, power, noise and other factors of the motor. The gearbox is matched with the motor, and the quality of the gearbox depends on the metal material and sealing performance. Since the gears in the gearbox are frictional engaged with each other, lubricating oil is required, so the sealing of the oil seal and the seal ring is essential.

3) Battery: The battery is divided into a lithium battery and a lead-acid battery. The lithium battery is small in size, light in weight, more cyclically charged and discharged, and has a longer service life, but the price is more expensive; the lead-acid battery is affordable, but has a large volume and weight. The number of cycles of charge and discharge is only about 300-500 times. Lithium battery electric wheelchairs are lighter in weight, generally about 25 kilograms. For example, the famous brands such as Mai Lebu Electric Wheelchair, Golden Lily Electric Wheelchair, and Solax Scooter use lithium batteries as the power source. The weight of the vehicle is light and easy to fold, and it can be traveled at home.

4) Electromagnetic brake is a safety guarantee for electric wheelchairs and is essential. Many electric wheelchairs on the market remove the electromagnetic brake function in order to reduce the cost, and at the same time, the necessary components such as the motor gear box are reduced accordingly. Such an electric wheelchair can travel on a flat road, but there is a slippage when driving on an uphill section or a downhill section. Judging whether an electric wheelchair has automatic braking function is actually very simple. When purchasing, the electric wheelchair power supply is turned off and pushed forward. If it can be slowly pushed, the electric wheelchair does not have electromagnetic brake, and vice versa.

5) Electric wheelchair frame: The difference between the frame is the rationality of material and structural design. The frame material is mainly divided into iron, steel, aluminum alloy and aerospace aluminum alloy (7 series aluminum alloy); aluminum alloy and aerospace aluminum alloy frame are lighter in weight and compact, and the production process is compared with other material frames. Different from equipment and higher cost. The reasonable form of the design of the electric wheelchair frame is most easily overlooked by consumers. The wheelchair frame of the same material has different structural design and different ride comfort, and the service life of the wheelchair is also very different.

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